Treehouse Hideaway VIlla FAQs

Everything you want to Know about Your Stay

What airport should I fly in to?

The main airport in St. Lucia is in the town of Vieux Fort (UVF). This is the larger international airport where the major airlines fly into--American Air, Delta, WestJet, Jet Blue, Virgin, etc. There is also a small airport in the north, where smaller inter island flights fly into. The UVF airport is the closer of the two to the Treehouse Villas and the Soufriere area.

Where are the Treehouse Hideaway Villas located?

We are located in the Soufriere region (home to pristine beaches and the iconic Pitons) and just about a mile from the center of town. From town, you take the road that heads to the Anse Chastanet/Jade Mountain Resort and we are located mid-way from town to the resort, in the foothills overlooking the iconic Pitons. This area is known for having some of the nicest villas and views of all St Lucia.

The actual address for the Treehouse Villas are:

Treehouse Hideaway Villas

Anse Chastanet Rd.

Soufriere, St. Lucia

How far are the Treehouse Villas from the airport?

The drive from UVF to the Treehouse Villas takes approximately 50 minutes. 

What are the driving conditions like?

Driving from the airport to Soufriere is fairly easy. There is just one main road to take (the west coast highway). Driving is on the left (UK style). The roads are a bit curvy but the drive to Soufriere is one of the easier drives. The road from Soufriere town into the foothills where the Treehouses are located is a little more adventurous. This mile long drive involves taking a dirt road that is a bit hilly.

Do I need to rent a vehicle?

Some of our guests like to rent a vehicle and some don’t. If you don’t want to rent, it’s easy to get around in our area by walking and taking land and water taxis. We can also help you with transportation from the airport. If you are the kind of guest that really wants to get out and explore on your own (the area we are in is fantastic for that), then you might want to consider renting a small SUV. If you need any help with making transportation decisions, just let us know and we can help you with your planning.

What does it cost to take transportation from the airport to the Treehouse?

The going rate for a transfer is $75 U.S.

Can I get an airport pickup?

Yes. We have excellent drivers who work for our villas and other villas in the area. They are super friendly, reliable, and can show you around. Just let us know and we can send a driver to pick you up. The driver can also take you shopping along the way so that you can get any provisions that you might need.

Will I be too hot staying in a more open air environment?

This is a question that comes up a lot because most of our lives are spent living in heated or cooled, closed-in spaces. In St Lucia, the natural environment and lifestyle is quite different. Most places you’ll visit--restaurants, shopping areas, etc.--are open air. The weather is such with the temperature and cool breezes that most people find living like this to be quite comfortable. But because everyone does have different comfort levels, we do provide air conditioning units in our bedrooms that can be closed off to make a more cooler sleeping area. We just ask our guests to make sure that they close off the bedrooms before running the ac units and only run the units when they are at the villa.

Can I walk to the beach from the Treehouse Villas?

Yes. The two beaches within the easiest walking distance are Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin. Anse Chastanet is the closest and easiest to walk to, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It’s a fairly easy walk. From Anse Chastanet, you can take a 10 minute scenic walk to Anse Mamin, which is a great, pristine beach to explore. Hummingbird Beach (near Soufriere town) is also walk-able but the terrain walking in this direction is a bit steep.

Can I stay at the Treehouse and visit the nearby resort?

Yes. The beach is fully accessible. There are also facilities at the resort you can use. Some are free and some require a fee (you don't need a day pass). You can also dine at the restaurants.

Can I visit any beach in the area?

Yes, all of the beaches on the island are public.

What are the local beaches like?

The beaches are natural, darker sand beaches with crystal clear, warm waters--perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. We have an active reef in the area where the locals like to fish and many of the beaches and coves are very protected, making swimming ideal. 

Are the resorts in the area friendly to outside guests?

Yes, because all of the beaches are public, you can visit any of them. Two of the popular resort properties in the area, Anse Chastanet and Sugar Beach, allow guests to visit, dine at their restaurants, use facilities such as restrooms, etc. The Anse Chastanet resort is the closest one (walk-able) to the Treehouse villas.

What is the neighborhood like? Is it safe?

Our neighborhood is very safe and scenic. Everywhere you walk you can see the iconic Pitons and Caribbean ocean. The area is dotted with beautiful private villas all having multmillion dollar views. Because the neighborhood is so close to the Anse Chastanet Resort, it makes it a good starting point for your St

Is each villa private?

Yes. Our two villas and gardens are especially designed to provide our guests with as much privacy as possible. Each villa comes with a staff that provides housekeeping services and other hospitality services that you might need. Our staff is highly experienced and they can really help you get the most out of your stay and the area.

Does each villa have its own pool?

Yes. Each villa comes with a private, natural salt plunge pool (chemical free) for you to enjoy. Each pool has its own sun deck area where you can enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful Caribbean sun. 

What are some of the top attractions in the area?

We are located in the best area in St Lucia for outdoor activities. Here you’ll find everything from hiking to mountain climbing to swimming to diving and much more. We are very close to an active rainforest you can explore, pristine waterfalls, botanical garden, mineral springs, volcano and mud baths, the Pitons, and numerous hiking trails. Other activities you can find in the direct area include jungle mountain biking, ziplinning, and estates and plantations to tour. It’s easy to fill up a week long trip (or more) with activities if you want to stay busy.

Are there restaurants in the area?

Yes. The closest restaurants you’ll find are at the nearby Anse Chastanet Resort. You’ll also find both hotel-oriented and local (inexpensive) restaurants all around Soufriere town. At the Treehouse, we also offer meal services prepared by our excellent staff. Our guests often comment that some of the best local meals that they have on the island are from their stay at the Treehouse Villas.

Can I drink the water?

Yes. The tap water is fine on the island and at the Treehouse Villas. We also have a dispensed bottled water system for our guests to enjoy.

Can I have meals prepared for me at the Treehouse?

Yes. Our hospitality manager is available to create delicious, local meals for our guests upon request. Contact us for details and let us know in advance of your needs. Our guests often comment that the meals that they have at the Treehouse are some of the best that they have while in St. Lucia.

How is the shopping in the area?

The town of Soufriere (about one mile from the villa) has grocery stores, butcher shops, outdoor farmer's market, fisheries (for purchasing fresh caught fish), drug stores, cafes for coffee, restaurants, and other local and tourist shops. We always recommend to our guests to check out the new farmer's market shopping complex where they can get fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and other goodies. The nearby fisheries complex is a good source for purchasing fresh caught fish.

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Enjoying the Piton Views from the Treehouse Deck

Everyday is a good day for enjoying the views of the Pitons and watching the birds.